High Resolution and Widescreen support

We have added support to Project Torque to allow higher resolutions and wide screen support.

Originally Project Torque maxed out at 1920×1080 and there was no wide screen support (wider than 16:9). We have enabled the game to render standard screen resolutions up to 5K. Players with high resolution monitors will be able to select in the settings the resolution they would like to play at. Support for 21:9 resolutions have also been added.

Resolutions above 1080 do result in some UI elements rendering a lot smaller than they typically would under “stock” resolutions. Some menu drop down options also become hard to read. We will work on fixing these issues at a later date.

Performance is very good. Nvidia GTX 1080 at 1920×1080 use to get 180-200fps. In UHD you can expect to get around 75fps.

The videos bellow demonstrate the new high resolution features.

To view all changes made to the game, check out change log here https://community.projecttorque.racing/threads/change-log.85/#post-599

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