1,000 users in Discord and Crowdfund soon!

Thank you all for joining our Discord. Over 1,000 of you now.

The publishing deal with Invictus Games requires us to raise $10,000.

This will pay for the development time needed to get the game back up and running as well as all the legal fees between us (Team Project Torque Racing) and Invictus Games.

We will launch a crowdfunding campaign shortly and hopefully, we can raise the full funds needed so we can all get back our favorite game!

Project Torque is making a comeback!


We have started working with Invictus Games (the developer of Project Torque) and have agreed on a publishing deal to bring back Project Torque.

We have a lot of work to do though so please join our Discord and like our Facebook page so we can grow the community.

Hopefully, we can grow the community to 1000 players in the coming months and raise the publishing funds required.