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What is Project Torque?

Project Torque is an MMO Racing game developed by Invictus Games in the late 2000s. It was released in 2006 under the name Level-R in Japan and later released as Project Torque in North America. It was also released in Europe as Level-R, Russia as Speed Online, Taiwan as R-evolution, China as Superrace and in Indonesia as Fast Black.

The game features many race tracks from around the world, many cars from different manufacturers, lots of car customization and many race modes such as arcade circuit, drift, drag, and even a NASCAR mode.

Millions of players have played the game across the regions but in 2014 the last version of the game Heat Online was shut down. And since then there has been no version of the game publsh.


Why are we brining the game back online?

There are still many fans of the game who wish to play it again as well as people who only discovered the game after it was closed down who never got to play one of the best MMO Racing games ever made.


When do we get to play?

We are currently crowdfunding the cost of bringing it back online. As the team behind ProjectTorque.Racing are also just fans of the game we need the support of everyone to help purchase the publishing rights to the game.

To do this we need to raise at least $10,000 which will cover the publishing costs.

Once we raise the funds, we can expect to play within a few weeks.


Where can I download the game?

We will be releasing Project Torque on Steam and later on Discord.

You will be able to purchase GP (in-game currency) from the Steam platform as well as use all the community features on Steam.


Will the cars be expensive like before?

No! We don’t think paying $30 for an in-game item is fair. We pledge not to have cars above $10, most will be less than $5. And at least 80% of the in-game content will be earnable by playing the game.


Pay to Win?

Again no. We do not like pay to win systems. They are not fair to the players of the game and we will never introduce a system that enables pay to win.


What about Loot Boxes?

Lootboxes are a game mechanic like what they use in casinos. They keep you hooked to the machine so you insert more and more money until you have none left. These game mechanics (aka gambling) are toxic and we will never introduce a system that is like this.


How long until the game shuts down again?

We plan on running the game until it dies. All games die eventually but we believe with the innovation of the game, marketing and keeping the fans happy will result in a long shelf life for many years. We guarantee that this game will be online for at least  5 years from launch. If we can stretch to a guaranteed 10 years we will!


Will I be able to get back all my cars and XP level from Aeria Games or HeatOnline days?

Sorry but no. We want everyone to have a fresh start and enjoy the process of leveling up again. We also have no way to verify old accounts so it is impossible anyway.